March 16 ,2015

Title : Automatic Level Crossing

Descripition:Aim: To prevent train accidents occurring at unmanned level crossings. Principle: A train starts at point A and before it reaches its destination point B it has to come across a lot of level crossings. Some level crossings maybe with a gate keeper who operates the gate manually but many level crossings have neither the gate keeper nor the gates. Thus lead to death of the human beings and the animals. In order to avoid these accidents I have designed a model which will definitely do its purpose of operating the gates at level crossings automatically. It works on the principle of magnetic sensor.

March 16 ,2015

Title : Electric Bell

Descripition:An electric bell contains an electromagnet consisting of a coil of insulated wire wound round iron rods . When electric current flows through the coil the rods become magnetic and attract the piece of iron attached to the clapper which hits the bell and makes it ring

March 16 ,2015


Descripition:AIM OF THE PROJECT: To construct alarm which work when magnet goes away from the sensor. PRINCIPLE: Now a day’s much burglary happen during nights. So that, if we use a magnetic door alarm we can decrease the rate of burglary.

March 16 ,2015

Title : Mangalyaan Mission Simulation

Descripition:What is Mangalyaan? Mangalyaan is a spacecraft orbiting Mars since 24 September 2014. It was launched on 5th November 2013 by the Indian space Research Organization (ISRO). It was India’s first Mars mission and ISRO has become the fourth space agency to reach Mars. India is the first nation to do so on its first attempt.

June 07 ,2017

Title : school reopening

Descripition:school school school school school